17. Juni 2024

PGE Skra’s marketing value in a month

Polish club PGE Skra Bełchatów released some interesting numbers about their media visibility in a month. A marketing research by Pentagon Research showed, that PGE Skra is one of the most popular sports clubs in Poland. 

These are the numbers from november:

The total value of the media exposure of PGE Skra sponsors was 3,017,153 euros (PLN 12,853,995). The amount consisted of 54,248 exposures, and most of them took place on television (43,347 – value 1,957,705 euros). As for internet media, the logos of PGE Skra sponsors were visible 5,174 times (about 600,000 euros), 5,224 times in social media (418,412 euros), and 503 mentions were found in the press (41,102 euros).

(c) PGE Skra Bełchatów
PGE Skra’s sponsors were also visible in social media. The highest media value applies on Instagram (464 exposures worth 311,650 euros). Many publications were also recorded on Facebook (366 – value 77,394 euros), Twitter (815 – 26,240 euros) and YouTube (3,579 – 3,127 euros). 
It seems that an exposure on Instagram is significantly more worth than on YouTube (672 euros per exposure vs. 0.87 euro).

Logos of PGE Skra sponsors were visible in publications of the largest online media (including WP.pl, PolsatSport.pl or DziennikZachodni.pl are some of them), in the press (among others „Przegląd Sportowy“or „Dziennik Łódzki“).

On the other hand, in November Polsat TV antennas over 20.5 million viewers watched PGE Skra matches. Matches with Asseco Resovia (nearly 226,000), Grupa Azoty ZAKSA (219,000) and VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa (over 192,000) enjoyed the highest audience ratings.

You have to be aware that it is the value calculated by Pentagon, not what Skra actually receives in terms of income. But it is definitely a help for them, to use in their next negotiations with sponsors. These numbers should also help other clubs to measure their value. The value of an exposure shouldn’t differ much.

Source: PGE Skra Bełchatów press release

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