25. April 2024

News aus der Volleyball-Branche


Trentino Volley launched „The network that unites“

Great success for the first meeting of the second season of „The network that unites“ (ital. “La rete che unisce”) from Volksbank. There were in fact about twenty companies present for the 2019/20 debut of the initiative dedicated by Trentino Volley to its sponsors, held Tuesday night at Volksbank’s Trento headquarters – for years Gialloblù partner. A record number, which further demonstrated how great is the desire to continue to weave an increasingly widespread commercial network among the many brands that espouse the Trentino cause.

A moment of the meeting held in the sitol archaeological site of the headquarters of Piazza Lodron in Trento of Volksbank. (c) Trentino Volley Srl
During the meeting, Volksbank itself organized an interesting study entitled „Solutions to protect, conserve and transmit the family and company assets“, held the dr. Gianni Fuolega, CEO of Kleros – a company specializing in asset consulting. The participants were able to listen to his words and draw interesting ideas for their respective activities. The next refreshment ended in the best way a particularly appreciated appointment and has already laid the foundations for the next one to be held in the first weeks of 2020.

(press release by Trentino Volley’s press office)

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