25. Juli 2024

Super Finals 2020 kehren nach Berlin zurück (engl.)

The CEV Champions League Super Finals 2020 will be held in the German capital again. Fans from all over Europe can now look forward to the volleyball party of the year on Saturday, May 16, 2020 in Berlin.
Benjamin Patch, Christiane Fürst, Michael Evers, Gabriele Freytag, Aleksandar Boričić, René Hecht and Kaweh Niroomand | Photo: Marcus Glahn
Once again, the four top teams on the continent – two of the women and two men – will not only play for the European titles, but also for a total prize money of 1.5 million euros. Tickets will be available from Friday, December 20th. 
The mode changed to the 2019 Champions League season, after women’s and men’s teams played their final matches in one day and in one place. So once again, the European Volleyball Association (CEV), the German Volleyball Association (DVV), the Volleyball Bundesliga (VBL) and the Berlin Recycling Volleys are working together with the support of the City of Berlin. 
All partners want to raise the Super Finals 2020 together to the next level of quality and focus even more on the involvement of fans. The aim is to provide the up to 9,500 spectators in the Max-Schmeling-Halle.
CEV President Aleksandar Boričić: “The CEV Super Finals 2019 were a truly revolutionary moment in the history of European volleyball. After this successful premiere, we are of course happy that we were able to reach an agreement with our German partners on the future direction in 2020. This decision shows once again the unity and cohesion that prevail in the volleyball family. The move reinforces my confidence that we can only achieve great things through good cooperation. I’m looking forward to another fantastic volleyball party here in Berlin. „
Berlin’s Senator for Sports Andreas Geisel: “At the final games of the CEV Volleyball Champions League 2019, Berlin once again showed that we can score with hospitality, sports enthusiasts and expertise. I am proud of the renewed support of the European Volleyball Association and I am pleased that we can host the final for the second time in a row. The sports metropolis Berlin is the volleyball capital in Europe. We want to build on the successes of the previous year in 2020 and bring the sold-out Max-Schmeling-Halle back to earth. „
DVV President René Hecht: “I am pleased that the CEV Champions League Volley Super Finals are taking place in Berlin for the second time in a row. At the premiere, we already saw the volleyball power in the capital when the Max-Schmeling-Halle was completely sold out even without German participation. After the Olympic qualification from 5th to 10th January in Berlin we seamlessly build on the next international volleyball highlight. We need such big events in Germany to be able to gradually develop volleyball. I would therefore like to thank all those involved who made this continuation possible. For 2020, of course, I hope that a German club will make the leap into the Super Finals. „
VBL President Michael Evers: “The atmospheric CEV Champions League Super Finals 2019 have shown the enthusiasm we can spark here in Germany for volleyball. I am all the more pleased that the CEV, DVV, BR Volleys, the city of Berlin and the VBL are joining forces to make Berlin the European volleyball capital again in 2020. International highlights such as the men’s Olympic qualification in January and the Champions League finals underline the importance that German volleyball has earned. ”
BR Volleys Managing Director Kaweh Niroomand: “With the repetition of the CEV Champions League Super Finals 2020 in Berlin, the status of our Max-Schmeling-Halle as Europe’s volleyball temple is impressively confirmed. Major events such as the Super Finals are of enormous importance for our sport, so it is all the better that the entire continent looks again at Germany and Berlin for this occasion. It is a great honor for us as BR Volleys to welcome the European volleyball family to our city in May. Once again we will do our best to give our sport the stage it deserves. ”

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