15. Juni 2024
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Top 10 Instagram ranking of Volleyball Players (Men)

Who is the greatest influencer in mens volleyball? This is a Top Ten list with the most followed players on Instagram (no guarantee of completeness):

10. Filippo Lanza – fillo_91: 239.000
9. Wallace Leandro – wallaceleandro08: 245.000
8. Earvin Ngapeth – earvinngapeth: 275.000
7. Lucão – lucao16volei: 280.000
6. Osmany Juantorena – osmanijp5: 304.000
5. Matt Anderson – mja5041: 306.000
4. Simone Giannelli – simo_gian9: 321.000
3. Ricardo Lucarelli Souza – lucarelli8: 479.000
2. Ivan Zaytsev – zaytsev_official: 824.000
1. Bruno Rezende – bruninho1: 1.100.000

Interesting, that there are many italian and brazilian players. Only one north-american and one french player. No polish are in this list, the most followed polish player is Andrzej Wrona (179.000). There are also no russian players. I guess because they don’t use Instagram that much, they have other Social Media platforms. One outstanding player is to mention, too: Masahiro Yanagida and would have been on place 13 with 207.000 followers, as the next asian player.
Comparing to the follower numbers of mens Clubs, you can see, that the athletes have a lot more followers than the clubs. Lanza is at the 10th place with twice as much followers than the biggest club account (Modena: 140.000).
A short watch at the Instagram’s account of Bruno shows, why he has a great fanbase, with more than a million fans. He made more than 1.800 posts with private and funny content. He definitely makes a succesful Social Media job and is rightly the biggest influencer.

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