17. Juni 2024

VfB Friedrichshafen needs 30,000 Euro for a Middleblocker

After the 0:3 home defeat against Knack Roeselare the disappointment could be seen on every players face. It is the second defeat in a row, after a 2:3 against the WWK Volleys Herrsching.

Reason for this, may be the weak cast on the middleblocker position, as Jakob Günthör is plagued by back pain and Nehemiah Mote and Brendan Schmidt had no break in the summer and now have play every match. Now the president of VfB Friedrichshafen Wunibald Wösle is looking for money for a new signing. Coach Michael Warm has probably already found a suitable staff, who „would getting into the plane now“, if there would be enough money.

VfB players after the defeat against Knack Roeselare (c) CEV

Because after the defeat against Roeselare Wösle has addressed each sponsor in the VIP area, whether he would be willing to donate 30,000 euros. Unfortunately without success. Otherwise it is increasingly difficult for the German club to keep its budget together. Wösle adds: „It is also difficult for me to accept that we have to lower our demands, but the times are over when VfB Friedrichshafen could afford the absolute top international class.“ He hopes to be able to acquire the money by Christmas.

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